Mutually beneficial relationships with the best farmers, clearly organisation and a huge experience both local and external markets.
Grain Service LLC is actively exporting agricultural cargoes from 2008 and mostly shipping from Rostov-on-Don. The main products for export are grains, oilseeds, pulses and feedstuff.
The company annually increase the volumes and wides the geography of export, increase the staffing, forges and strengthened partnership with local and external companies. From 2017 the company annually included in TOP-20 exporters of Russian grains.
exported in 2021/22, TMT
High quality of cargo
More than 10 years of building long-term and mutually profitable partnership with best farmers of South and Central Russia.
Through the clear organizational structure the company able to make right decisions and choose the most comfortable terms for their’s partners.
The staffing
Any worker in Grain Service LLC is professional, ambitious and has the huge experience both local and external markets.
360 – 650 TMT
Annually export volume increasing
For the last 5 years the company shows strong grows and annually increase the export volumes through harmonious work of professionals.
Opening far directions
Deep ports
At the moment the company has all necessary availabilities for shipment the handy-size vessels capacity of which is 15 000 – 40 000 mt with transhipment in Caucasus port. Through this the company opens new further directions, like Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia etc.
The most harvest regions
The geography of procurement
Grain Service LLC mostly buying and organise the transportation of cargoes by own transport in ports from the following regions: SFR, PFR, SCFR, CFR.
The procurement is possible from any regions.

Please contact us to get more details.

Certified and accredited
The equipment in use
The company works only with certified and accredited by GAFTA, FOSFA and Gosstandart Of RF laboratories for quality analyses of cargoes.
Russian Grain Union
Since 2020, the company has been a member of Russian Grain Union.
Annually the company participates in all biggest conferences and expos of Europe, Turkey and Middle East.
For suppliers
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